UroMAXX Urinary Tract, Kidney & Bladder Formula for Cats and Dogs 6Oz



UroMAXX has established itself as a reliable Animal Nutrition Product company for 15 years and we are literally the only company providing a Liquid Supplement for both Cats and Dogs who suffer from Urinary Tract Infections, or Kidney and Bladder infections. A lot of Veterinarians are calling UroMAXX the “breakthrough” product for treating acute and chronic cystitis, hematuria (blood in the urine), and a host of other problems that are associated with UTD conditions. If you love your pets as much as we love ours, You’ll be able to be pleased to hear that UroMAXX may also help to discourage struvite/ oxalate crystal formation, providing additional relief for your furry friends. Many other supplements use cranberry juice in their formulas, but UroMAXX takes it a step further and uses Pure Cranberry Extract and Glucosamine HCL to help nourish and support the Urinary Tract Layer Lining. Our Proprietary Blend of herbal extracts is unlike any other on the market, which is why it provides the best results! Designed to be administered daily, our formula can in fact prevent UTI problems from reoccurring and even occurring in the first place. Prevention and damage keep watch over are the key to solving UTI problems and UroMAXX has been recognized by our satisfied customers to do just that! Read Our Unbelievable Reviews! Our Liquid Formula can be used as a protected additive to specialty diets and with regular use it may even eliminate the need for specialty diets first of all. Easy to give, just drop directly on your pet’s wet or dry food. And if your pet is easy to handle, it may be administered directly into the mouth with our dropper. Full 100% palatability guarantee! Buy from the Most Trusted Pet Company for Over 15 Years! You’ll be able to notice the difference our products make in your pet’s life and You’ll be able to be coming back for years yet to come! Shop around our storefront to see the other great products we offer!


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