Flea DROPS – KILLS Fleas and Eggs – Protection Adventure Plus


✅ KILLS– Fleas, Larvae, Lice, Mosquitoes. Prevents new infestations.

✅ CHARITY– A portion every sale goes to Bark Worthy. We were blessed to be in a position to donate dollars and pest controls products to Harvey relief pets. Thanks to your support!

✅ 100% MADE IN THE USA– EPA Registered in all 50 states.

✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE– When you’re happy – we’re happy. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know! We love hearing your feedback-the good, the bad and the ugly-we’re always looking for new ways to improve.


  ◉ Many of the same chemicals are used in different pest control treatments

  ◉ Avoid using more than one type of treatment at a time


  ◉ Each dose is 100% effected for 4 weeks

  ◉ We recommend maintaining 100% protection by using a calendar reminder so there is no gap in coverage.


  ◉ Pest control chemicals, in proper doses, are not toxic however it’s a best practice to wash your hands after contact with the treatment until dried on the pet.

  ◉ Spread pet treatments out. If using a shampoo with pest control, then wait a day before applying the drops treatment.

  ◉ If children come into contact with the drops, in the first 24 hours, while playing have them wash their hands. This won’t be an issue once the treatment dries and is absorbed by the skin.


  ◉ We love pets as family and have zero tolerance of side effects. Watch your pet for side effects when introducing any kind of new treatment.

  ◉ Protection from pests is important but if the treatment begins to have side effects then stop immediately and consult your vet

  ◉ If you observe any change in behavior or your pet seems lethargic or appetite is not normal then consult your vet


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