AIRGOOD Pet Grooming Gloves by, Ideal for Dogs & Cats on Long & Short Fur


Pet grooming gloves make your pet look clean and healthy,while reducing the hair scattered around the house!

Gentle Massage Tool
The five finger deshedding gloves do well in removing&trapping loose furry pet hair,the hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw away after grooming.Keep your house clean and your pet healthy with the glove.

Comfortable breathable material
Pet Gloves are well made of skin-friendly materials and the surface is soft rubber,this can give your pet comfortable massage that will not hurt the skin.The back is made of durable,breathable mesh that is comfortable to wear and easy to dry.Give your pet clean hair at the same time care of your hand.

Humanized Design
Humanized palm design,The Velcro strap can be adjusted according to the size of wrist,will not fall off.They are mashine wash and dry fast.

Great Hair Remover for all sizes and dogs
Pet’s hair removal effect is very good,whether it is long or short hair,and whether it is used under dry or wet conditions.

Packing list
1 Pair of Blue pet hair remover gloves(1 left-hand and 1 right-hand,the left-hand glove is customized for left-hander)


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